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Charlene Collins

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I think this article best sums up my personality and photographic vision which suggests that perhaps they are one and the same or that I'm seriously dancing to the sounds of my own drums.

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I'm flattered when people think that my work is good enough to be used - and to be honest, I've spent much time, effort and money to capture that image. Even more time in planning it!

I realise that many persons see flickr.com as a source of free images from hobbyists or a poormans Getty!

What may seem like a simple request means that the original image must be located in my archives and I must spend even 15 - 30 minutes editing it before I send it off to you!

My prices are very reasonable and I WOULD like to be remunerated in exchange for the use of my images! How else will I improve my gear! A very reasonable request I believe and I know you will too after you have thought about it !

All of that said, I do still allow the 'free' use of some images for projects that I feel passionate about

Email me at charlene.collins [AT] yahoo [DOT] com if you are interested

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Photography Equipment

Nikon D80 and Canon G9