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Horses in St Elizabeth
15 November 2011

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Cycling home
23 May 2011

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Speed Kills
26 April 2011

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26 July 2010

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Aazzi Doll
8 June 2010

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Hope Gardens: Trees
4 June 2010

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20 April 2010

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Sea Stones
19 March 2010

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Model: Tiffany
14 March 2010

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Little Ochi - 2007
23 October 2009

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31 January 2008

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City of Kingston
9 October 2007

Recent Comments

WYSIWYG on Wicked Sour
we call that calamias in the philippines

Tina on Botany Bay, Jamaica
I grew up in Botany Bay!! My mother still lives in a house on the cliffs. I know that pic. Thank you for sharing x

John Downey on Beads 2
ll these lovely shots of beautiful Jamaica produce, but no ginnups! Wa dat? :->

Amy on Beads 2
Nice color and bokeh

omid on John Crow Beads
wooow! . Excellent!

omid on Peanut Cone
woooooooooow! very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ralph Jones on Peanut Cone

Rupesh on Peanut Cone
Very nicely seen.....!!

omid on Rosemary and Red Onions
wooow! very nice & beautiful!!!

Farnaaz on Rosemary and Red Onions
Your photo remindes us even a piece of onion can be a very beautiful picec of art . Thanks it's really georgeous .

omid on Blue Mountain Coffee Cup
very nice & beautiful!

omid on Blue Mountain Coffee Cup #2
very nice!!!

omid on Beet Roots
wooooooooooooow! very nice!!!!

Soheil on Beet Roots
nice shot well done

Ralph Jones on Beet Roots
Yuck! :)

Ralph Jones on Blue Mountain Coffee Cup
There is no finer coffee to wake up to than a cup of Blue Mountain.

B.Sully on Blue Mountain Coffee Cup
I can practically smell the coffee looking at your shot! Beautiful!

Ralph Jones on Root Vegetable: Dasheen
Great photo.

omid on Root Vegetable: Dasheen
very nice & interesting!

Pixim on Patty Sign
i Love it a lot

Curly on Street Food: Jamaica
Is she cooking on top of a shopping kart? How ingenious.

L'Angevine on Baskets of Legumes
de bons féculents

Curly on Baskets of Legumes
A really well filled frame, great colours!

Mariana M. on Horses in St Elizabeth
great compo and monochrome

Macrobaby on Coconuts
Beautiful light. Most of us do not get to see coconuts in growth stage....we only see them in the store. I love the ...

mimicy on Coconuts
Belle et très originale photo ... les coloris sont superbes et quelle lumière ... compliments

alex centrella on Flint River, Hanover
great shot .. !

Aubélia on Flint River, Hanover
Excellent shot !

Ralf Kesper on Flint River, Hanover
Terrific ! 5*****

Ralph Jones on Fresh: Lemongrass Flavored Water
Oh man that sounds so good. Too bad I can't get that here. I am now going to go see if I can make some lemongrass ...

Macrobaby on Fresh: Lemongrass Flavored Water
Last night I spent a couple of hours looking at your blog and checking out your flicker site. Your work is just ...

Ralph Jones on Fresh: Avocados #2
Great photo, but I still don't like em'!

Macrobaby on Fresh: Avocados #2
Nice photograph. Good use of DOF.

Magda on Comfort Food #2
yumm! nice one

Ralph Jones on Fresh: Avocado Slices
I never quite developed a taste for avocado, but you make them look good.

Magda on Sweet: Jamaican Jackass Corn
excellent composition and tones

Magda on Fresh: Okras #2
very nice

Desrie plunkett maye on The Bath
Hi miss collins long to see u

Olivier on The Bath
Excellent this B&W...the game of light is fantastic...

Ralph Jones on Fresh: Okras #2
Charlene this is beautifully composed and the harmony of colors but I have to be honest with you, I have never ...

Céline on Fresh: Okras #2
Lovely colors !

Ralph Jones on Fresh: Okras
Glad you're back, I was getting hungry.

Stephen on Fresh: Okras
Tasty shot! Perfect framing - and love the contrast in all the textures we see here.

Bruce Morgan on Old Harbor Station and train
@ Kenny..I think that was teh Idea

Bruce Morgan on Susumber and Tomato
Gully Beans ?

Bruce Morgan on Pimento
Sweet Peppers again

Bruce Morgan on Organic Bell Peppers
Sweet Pepper & Tomatos :)

Bruce Morgan on Lychee
I just Love them, I call them the uptown version of Ginep :)

Sugar Cane on Sugar Cane
Girls just love our Sugar Cane

Stephen on Fresh: Drinks Later?
Superb composition. Wonderful refreshing style to your portfolio!

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